Sorry, “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply to Covid Vaccination.

Crowder arguing with a college student on a campus

Understanding Anti-abortion

Alright, let’s get into the issue with the tweet.

  • A pregnancy with fetal defects
  • An immature pregnancy in which a fetus won’t survive or will suffer after birth
  • A pregnancy that is dangerous or bad for their health
  • A pregnancy with an abusive partner
  • Or just a simple fact that they’re not ready to be a parent yet

Understanding Anti-vaccination

I currently live in a third-world country where Covid vaccine rollout is incredibly slow and abysmal. It’s almost non-existent in some parts of the country. Recently, Myanmar was hit with a third wave of Delta-variant of the Covid infection where millions got sick and many lost their lives. Unfortunately, my eldest sister was one of them.

Common Side Effects of Covid Vaccines as stated on the CDC

Why it’s an absurd comparison?

Yes, in essence the phrase “My body, my choice” applies to both situations. People that are choosing to abort the embryo in their bodies are exercising the same freedom as those that decided not to let someone inject a vaccine into their arms.



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